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Finance and Planning Committee

The Finance and Planning Committee reviews the library's monthly expenditures as well as the annual budget. They help to rank and prioritize projects, services, and unfunded capital needs as well as provide valuable input for new library buildings, and expansions or renovations of existing libraries. Their work is done with the Library's mission and long-range plan in mind. They serve in an advisory capacity on matters such as property acquisition for future libraries, partnership opportunities, and planning for future demands and changes in library services for Hillsborough County.

Policies and ByLaws Committee

The Policies and Bylaws Committee is responsible for developing policies and bylaws for both the library board and the library system. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis as needed.

Nominating Committee

Every other year, a Nominating Committee made up of three members is appointed by the Library Board Chair in order to recommend a slate of candidates for Library Board officer positions. Officers of the Library Board include Chair, Vice-Chair,and Secretary who are elected by majority vote. No member of the board is permitted to serve more than two consecutive years in the same position as stated in the Library Board Bylaws.